Pete Fox has been the “people’s champ” ever since he released the gear company/lifestyle brand FOX in 1974 with a very distinct and artistic look the industry had never seen. FOX has been the number one choice of gear for many motocross champions such as Ricky Carmichael, Chad Reed, Ryan Dungey, Ken Roczen, Tim Gajser and many more. After we got our hands on a pair of FOX “Instinct” boot’s. for the very first time, we understood why all of these riders choose to run these boots in particular..


  • Hinge lockout stops motion before hyperextension
  • New Duratac Fox rubber compound provides improved durability and unprecedented grip on outsole and burn guard
  • A slim medial design keeps you close to the bike with the Duratac burn guard giving grip
  • Low ride chassis brings the foot lower and closer to the foot peg
  • Slim toe box for easy shifting and a slimmer overall profile
  • Replaceable sole


The “Instinct” boot is fully equipped with a hinge lockout system–built to stop motion before hypertension during any sort of high impact to the ankle. Which overall helps with comfort as well.


FOX now offers their all new “Duratac rubber compound”–that provides improved durability and unprecedented grip on outsole to help stay connected with your bike’s frame. This material is not easily worn out, either.

The low riding chassis brings your foot lower and closer to the foot peg. With this type of technology , it’s obvious why the top riders have chosen this boot to help them get to the top step of the podium.


The interior of the FOX “Instinct” boot is overall incredibly comfortable compared to others. Most boots feature a velcro system at the top, where this boot just features smooth rubber and heavy duty straps. The sole is also easily replaceable as well.

PRICE POINT – Fox has made many different boot designs in such as the Comp 2, Comp 5 and 180. All of these boots have been different price points (with the comp 5 being the cheapest boot in the Fox lineup–$149.96, and the Instinct being the most expensive–$412.46). These boots are not as expensive compared to most leading brands (alpine stars, Gaerne, Sidi etc..), but don’t let that turn you away. The quality is just as good, if not better than the average leading brand. These boots are the the “Adidas” of the Motocross world no doubt. They are incredibly lightweight coming in at 1.800 grams (each boot), and offer an incredible amount of comfort and safety. Not to mention, they look absolutely clean with any kit.

RIDING WITH THE PRODUCT – Overall, riding with the FOX “Instinct” boot is like riding with no boots at all (in regards to comfort). We really noticed all the key features (hinge lockout system, duratac rubber compound,  low riding chassis) in roller sections and deep straight aways in particular. The amount of flex these boots have mixed together with a secure grip is unreal. As we said above, these are the “Adidas” of the MX boot. Plus, they maintain a clean polish look even after the toughest day of riding.

With all of our research, testing and everyday living with the FOX “Instinct” boot, we have come to the conclusion that these are one of the best boots on the market and definitely need to be in your gear bag.

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