WHAT IS IT? Alpinestars has added the “Screamer” Jersey/Pants combo in their Techstar lineup for 2018. The Jersey itself is optimized for the most demanding of off-road conditions. Tested by the likes of Eli Tomac and Jeffrey Herlings, and newly signed Broc Tickle. The Pants are an A class-leading fusion of comfort and durability. The gloves are not technically part of the “The Screamer” set but, they are apart of the Techstar lineup. Here’s what we thought.. 

WHAT’S IT COST? Jersey: $49.95 – Pants: $179.95 – Gloves: $44.95

CONTACT? or (800) 409-0903.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the 2018 Techstar kit.

(1) JERSEY. First things first, the jersey itself offers a sleek performance look. It’s not too form fitting, but just form fitting enough to where it can make anybody look like a full factory racer. You know that “kitted and fitted” look. This kit in particular include Blue, Red, Yellow Fluo (my personal favorite when it comes to gear). On the performance side, it offers a vented, very thin material that does its job well for keeping you cool. While riding with the Techstar “Screamer” Jersey the freedom of movement is impeccable, and is very comfortable. Great to wear during the summer with its lightweight thin material. And, it also holds together quite well after taking a hard fall.

(2) PANTS. Right off the bat we noticed that these pants were very comfortable. Like all the Techstar 2018 lineup, the pants feature durable waist adjustment pull-tabs with a hook and loop grip for personalized fit and safe closure. So, if you’re in between pant sizes, this is definitely a convenient and useful feature to have. On the outside, we have the iconic Alpinestars (A-Star) logo 3D injection molded rubber for additional durability around the knees. This pant also has a little inner hip pocket just right for key storage. Often times the pants can be a bit uncomfortable in certain places while riding. But with these you have a bit more free range motion. Which is a good thing. Plus they clean up nice, and are sturdy enough to withstand crashes.

(3) GLOVES. To complete the kit, we have the Techstar glove. This piece is made with an advanced stretch poly-fabric and is very lightweight and ergonomic. The Techstar Glove incorporates a single-piece of Clarino fabric in the palm for durability and gives a precise fit and feel when using the bike’s controls. Wearing these gloves is like night and day compared to most. Its thick and thin and in the places where you need it. Often times its hard to buckle helmets or complete other pre-moto tasks while wearing gloves. But with these the tips are just thin enough to help you out (its the little things we thoroughly enjoy about testing products).

PRODUCT FLAWS. Just a few things. (1) We love the jersey, but wish the collar was a little smaller. (2) The small pocket on the inside of the pants is genius but, the net fabric material may be a little thin. A thicker fabric may be needed especially if you continually put your keys in it.

RATING. Overall this gear combo is phenomenal. Its heavy duty, and incredibly comfortable to ride in for an extended period. The colors clean up easily after a wash, and look brand new. Overall, we recommend the Alpinestars Techstar kit’s.