MURRIETA, CA – Producing some of the world’s first competition off-road machines more than half a century ago, Husqvarna Motorcycles is the true pioneer of motocross. Remaining true to their commitment of continued development, for model year 2019 Husqvarna Motorcycles introduces a range of the most technologically advanced, premium motocross motorcycles available today. 

Recently enjoying one of the most memorable moments in the brand’s history by claiming both the 2018 FIM 450SX World Championship and 250SX AMA East Region Championship, Husqvarna Motorcycles reaffirmed their status as a dominant force in top-level motorsport. Combining the feedback provided by championship winning racers with extensive in-house testing, Husqvarna engineers designed the new generation of motocross machines with the ultimate goal of making them more agile, more ergonomically advanced and with greater overall performance than any previous generation.

HUSQVARNA “MY19” MOTOCROSS IN ONE SHORT PARAGRAPH – The MY19 Husqvarna Motorcycles motocross range reaches a new milestone in motocross performance. With a reworked chassis providing improved stability, updated engine platforms bringing optimum power, usability and a further weight reduction, the all-new range offers professional and amateur riders the highest level of technology available on the market today.


  • Redesigned bodywork and graphics
  • Blue coated frame featuring increased rigidity
  • New 2-piece subframe design (250 g lighter)
  • Updated setting on the WP AER 48 forks
  • WP DCC shock featuring new piston & updated setting
  • Reworked SOHC cylinder head on the FC 450 (500 g lighter)
  • New cylinder head casting on FC 350 (200 g lighter)
  • Optimized timing on FC 250 exhaust camshaft
  • Machined finish on TC 125 & TC 250 upper exhaust port
  • Reinforced kick start intermediate gear on TC 125
  • New mufflers on 2-strokes, redesigned header pipe on TC 250
  • Chain adjustment length increased by 5 mm
  • New, stiffer upper triple clamp
  • Traction & launch control with updated settings [4-strokes]
  • New throttle cable routing for easier maintenance
  • Flow-designed resonance chambers & more compact silencers on 4-strokes
  • New generation Li-ion 2.0 Ah battery
  • Updated cooling system with new center tube
  • New DS (diaphragm steel) clutch on TC 125, FC 250 & FC 350
  • ProTaper handlebar with new bend
  • Laser engraved D.I.D. wheels with new spoke nipples
  • New gearboxes produced by Pankl 

FRAME – The hydro-formed, laser-cut and robot-welded frame is expertly crafted. Constructed with specifically calculated parameters of longitudinal and torsional flex, the MY19 frames feature newly designed sections that bring an increase in rigidity. This results in improved rider feedback, energy absorption and stability. New aluminum lateral engine head stays, entirely new for the TC 250, contribute to precise cornering and reduced vibration levels. Additionally, the 4-stroke frames feature new precision-casted head stay mounts and brackets for mounting an optional skid plate that will be available in the accessories line. The frame is finished off in a premium blue powder coating and standard frame protectors that guarantee superior protection and durability. Additionally, to maximize the grip on the front wheel and improve the general handling, the TC 250 engine position has been raised by 1° around the swingarm pivot.

  • Increased rigidity → improved rider feedback, energy absorption & stability
  • Premium blue powder coating
  • 4-strokes with new brackets for optional skid plate
  • Standard frame protectors 

COMPOSITE CARBON FIBER SUBFRAME – Showcasing pioneering technologies and innovation, the composite subframe is a design unique to Husqvarna Motorcycles. Using 70% polyamide and 30% carbon fiber, the new 2-piece subframe design (previously 3-piece) saves 250 g for a total weight of just over 1 kg (2.2 lbs). In addition to being robust, specific care has been taken to create the perfect rigidity (vertical stiffness +30%) for optimal handling and rider comfort.

  • New 2-piece subframe → 250 g lighter
  • Carbon fiber composite construction → lightweight & robust
  • Specific rigidity → benefits handling & comfort

SWINGARM – The hollow, cast aluminum swingarm is designed to offer optimal stiffness and reliability at the lowest possible weight. For MY19, the chain adjustment slot has increased by 5 mm, extending the total wheelbase adjustment length for improved straight-line stability on faster tracks and over whoops.

  • Optimal stiffness & reliability in a lightweight construction
  • Extended adjustment range by 5 mm → improved straight-line stability

WP AER 48 FRONT FORK – The ultra-lightweight WP AER 48 front fork is a 48 mm split air fork featuring a capsuled air spring and pressurized oil chamber for progressive and consistent damping. The forks feature a new setting to match the new frame stiffness and are adjusted via the single air pressure valve for pre-load on the left and with easy-access clickers for damping adjustments on the right (compression on the top and rebound on the bottom, up to 30 clicks each). Additionally, the air pump needed to adjust the air pressure in the fork is provided as standard.

  • New setting for MY19 → improved damping & performance
  • Capsuled air spring and pressurized oil chamber → progressive & consistent damping
  • Easy access clicker dials → simple & fast clicker settings

CNC MACHINED TRIPLE CLAMPS – The 22 mm offset CNC-machined triple clamps feature an integrated rubber damping system that reduces vibration and increases rider comfort. They have been reshaped and stiffened to work in concert with the increased longitudinal rigidity of the frame and the new suspension set-up, improving both handling and stability. A three-way handlebar adjustment is standard and allows for customizable ergonomics. Additionally, the front number plate integrates a yellow triple clamp guard, which covers the lower triple clamp and protects it from wear.

  • Rubber damping on top clamp → reduced vibrations, increased comfort
  • CNC aluminum → finest quality & reliability
  • Stiffer upper triple clamp
  • Adjustable handlebar position → adjustable ergonomics
  • Triple clamp protector integrated into front number plate

WP REAR SHOCK – Featuring a new main piston and updated settings, the WP DCC shock has been developed to match the linkage system, frame geometry, increased frame rigidity and the new front fork set-up. The shock has been further perfected to provide advanced damping characteristics while keeping a compact and lightweight design. With a pressure balance inside the shock, offering consistent damping, and full adjustability of both high and low speed compression, the system offers the greatest possible traction and absorption and superior rider comfort and handling. Further, the rear wheel travel is 300 mm. 

  • New main piston & setting → balanced with new front-end set-up & frame rigidity
  • Lightweight & compact
  • Pressure balance → consistent damping
  • 300 mm wheel travel

PROTAPER HANDLEBAR – The ProTaper handlebar is second to none for function and style. Manufactured to exacting standards, it features class-leading fatigue resistance while adding minimal weight. A new bend for all MY19 models further increases comfort by improving the pressure point on the rider’s hands. The standard handguards offer maximum roost protection. 

  • ProTaper handlebar → class-leading function & style
  • New bend for MY19 → improved rider comfort

MAP SWITCH & LAUNCH CONTROL – Designed for easy operation, the standard map switch on all 4-strokes activates launch control, selects between two engine maps and activates the traction control feature. Both traction control and launch control feature updated settings for MY19. These offer improved traction off the start and on slick tracks and work simultaneously – when both are activated – to offer maximized benefits. With the engine at idle, launch control is engaged by pressing both TC and MAP buttons simultaneously for about two seconds. The LED lamp will blink continuously meaning the system is active. This function limits the amount of power to the rear wheel, improving traction and preventing loss of control under hard acceleration. The map switch offers selection between a standard map and more powerful one. 

  • Standard handlebar map switch → modify engine characteristics according to conditions & rider preference
  • Launch control → maximum traction for perfect starts

TRACTION CONTROL – Featuring an updated setting for MY19, which brings even better advantage in wet or muddy conditions, the traction control feature can be turned on or off from the handlebar switch. It functions by analyzing throttle input from the rider and the rate at which RPM increases in the engine. If the RPM increases too quickly, the EMS registers a loss of grip and reduces the amount of power to the rear wheel, ensuring maximum traction and better control. 

  • Traction control → optimal traction in all conditions

44 MM THROTTLE BODY – All MY19 FC machines are equipped with a 44 mm Keihin throttle body featuring an innovative injector positioning that offers the most efficient flow into the combustion chamber and improved atomization. To ensure optimal throttle response, the throttle cable is mounted directly and without a throttle linkage. This set-up provides more immediate throttle response and feeling. A new throttle cable routing eases maintenance allowing the cable to be removed more easily.

  • 44 mm throttle body → injector positioned for optimal flow
  • Direct cable mounting → more immediate throttle response

2-STROKE EXHAUST SYSTEMS – Tailored specifically for each MY19 2-stroke and using an innovative 3D design process, the new header pipes offer further improvements in geometry and performance. The TC 250 pipe is narrower and offers more ground clearance, making it less susceptible to damage. All 2-stroke mufflers feature new internals with less dense packaging material offering more efficient noise damping. Together with a new aluminum mounting bracket, there is a weight saving of 300 g.

  • New mufflers on 2-strokes → 300 g lighter
  • Redesigned header pipe on TC 250 → added ground clearance 

4- Stroke Exhaust Systems

All 4-stroke exhaust systems are expertly crafter to deliver the best possible performance at the lowest possible weight. For MY19 the 4-stroke header pipes feature a new flow designed resonance chamber integrated within them. The new header pipes also feature a new joining position allowing them to be removed without detaching the rear shock. The new silencers are shorter and more compact while delivering the same damping volume and noise levels. The units are crafted from lightweight aluminum and are stylishly finished off with a new anodized coating that proudly carries the Husqvarna Motorcycles logo.

  • 4-stroke exhausts → light-weight & compact
  • Flow designed resonance chamber → optimal performance
  • New header joining position → easier removal

INTEGRATED COOLING SYSTEM & RADIATORS – The radiators are expertly crafted using high-strength aluminum. CFD (computational fluid dynamics) technology is used to channel air through the radiators more efficiently for optimal cooling in any condition. Channelling coolant through the frame allows for improved cooling and eliminates the need for additional hoses. New to the system for MY19 is a 4 mm larger center tube that runs through the frame. The new tube reduces the pressure at this point in the system allowing for a more consistent coolant flow.

Additionally, the radiators are mounted 12 mm lower, improving the center of gravity while sophisticated radiator protectors not only protect the radiators from flying debris but also act as a brace in the event of an impact.

  • Integrated cooling → maximum efficiency in minimum space
  • Expertly crafted radiators → offering optimal cooling
  • New central tube → more consistent coolant flow
  • 12 mm lower mounting position → improved center of gravity

FUEL TANK – The approximately 1.85 gallon polythene fuel tanks feature improved ergonomics and incorporate a threaded filler cap and an integrated fuel pump on the 4-stroke range. The fuel pump is optimized with a new internal line routing from the pump to the flange for improved fuel flow. For MY19, the external fuel line has moved inward and is less exposed and susceptible to damage.

  • 1.85 gallon polythene tanks → large capacity for extended running times
  • New fuel line routing → improved flow & reliability

WHEELS – Black high-strength alloy rims by D.I.D. are coupled to CNC-machined hubs using lightweight spokes and silver anodized aluminum nipples. For MY19, the spoke nipples have a new design that reduces the frequency of checks or tightening.

  • Lightweight, strong & reliable wheels → minimum unsprung weight
  • New spoke nipples → reduces frequency of tightening

BODYWORK – The MY19 range features fresh new bodywork that showcases Husqvarna Motorcycles’ pioneering design direction in off-road motorcycles. The ergonomics are specifically designed to deliver greater comfort and control, enabling riders to perform at the highest level for extended periods of time. Additionally, the contact points have been slimmed down making movement between riding positions seamless. The new seat profile is perfectly combined with the high grip seat cover to deliver superior comfort and control in all conditions.

  • New bodywork → Swedish-inspired look, modern design & graphics
  • Ergonomics → confidence-inspiring riding position in all riding situations
  • Seat → improved comfort with superior control in all conditions

MAGURA HYDRAULIC CLUTCH – Extremely reliable, high-quality German-made clutch system guarantees even wear, near maintenance-free operation and perfect action in every condition. Clutch play is constantly compensated so that the pressure point and function of the clutch remain identical in cold or hot conditions, as well as over time.

  • Magura hydraulic clutch → perfect action in every condition

BRAKES – The highest level of quality is guaranteed with class-leading Brembo callipers and controls. The 260 mm front and 220 mm solid rear wave discs deliver superior stopping power while instilling confidence in any condition. 

  • Brembo callipers & high-performance discs → superior stopping power with greater control & confidence

GRIPS & THROTTLE ASSEMBLY – The ODI lock-on grip on the left side does not require gluing, while on the right, the vulcanized grip features an innovative integrated throttle mechanism. The assembly has easy free-play adjustment and, by changing a cam, throttle progression can be altered.

  • Throttle assembly & ODI grips → adjustable throttle progression & easy grip mounting

ENGINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (EMS) – The Keihin EMS is specifically designed to be smaller, lighter and faster at processing data. It integrates launch control for perfect starts, selectable engine maps via the switch on the handlebar and traction control. Combined with the gear sensor, power delivery is tailored for each gear.

  • Keihin EMS → small, light & fast at processing data
  • Gear sensor → specific engine maps for each gear

AIRBOX & TOOL-LESS FILTER ACCESS – The airbox is designed with precisely positioned inlet ducts that prevent air deformation and ensure maximum airflow and filter protection. The air filter is accessed easily, without tools, by removing the left side panel. Easy maintenance is guaranteed by the Twin Air filter and filter cage design that features a simple fail proof mounting system for safe and accurate filter installation.

  • Airbox → maximum air flow & filter protection
  • Filter mounting system → safe & accurate protection against dirt
  • Tool-less filter access → easy & fast maintenance

TIRES – Fitted as standard are Dunlop MX3S Motocross tires that feature the proven ‘block-within-a-block’ design for more progressive cornering and superior grip. 

  • Developed in top-level racing → enhanced handling, cornering & steering feel