What’s up guys? My name’s Avery and I’m a film contributor here for Alpa Mx. I grew up racing motocross then eventually transitioned over to the media side after a few injuries while racing. Now I’m working on transitioning out of the moto-media world, but I still produce motocross content while I can!

Thanks for taking the time to read a little bit about me!

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What’s up! My name is Spencer Owens, I’m 21 years young, and I’m a Southern California native with a passion for motocross and photography. I have been in the motocross industry all my life. I began riding at the age of 5 and started racing local championships at the age of 8. Like many, I was homeschooled–which allowed me the freedom to develop my motocross skills, explore my interests, and develop a love for photography at an early age. In the year 2011 I had a severe motocross accident at the age of 14 and crushed my hopes of becoming a professional motocross racer. So, I had to change my course. Photography has always been a passion of mine, so I decided to switch gears after fully recovering in 2014 (3 years later) and pursued a career in freelance photography with the help of Simon Cudby. So far, it’s been AMAZING, and I love every minute of shooting on the track or with rad clients in the pits and during the week.

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Yo! My name’s Cole and I’m a Photo contributor here at Alpa Mx. I got into racing later than most, with the intent to have fun and spend some time with family and friends. After going to local tracks and getting my photo taken, and being so stoked to see the photos it made me want to go out and recreate that feeling I would feel, for others but put my own personal flare onto it. I’m always around dirtbikes and rad individuals so some pretty cool content gets created, especially being from New England with the awesome scenery up this way just makes for some crazy shots, and I’m always looking to try new stuff and collaborate and work with new people!

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Make sure to keep it RAD!